SMS We Send

An Important Note

We deliver only OTP (one time passwords) or A2P (application to person) sms, we do not deliver advertising or any scam or phishing, we allow to send sms only in your country if you have multiple country sim you need to open another account because account determiante sms to send

Our app let’s makes passive income means that you can earn money without actively working on it all the time. Once you set it up and get it running, it will continue to make money for you even if you’re not doing anything. The amount of money you can make with the app depends on how much effort you put into it for example if you change sim’s once the one you have are filled you can follow making money and you can add your relative and friend making profit percentage on they’re sms.

You can add more apps and SIM cards to your account to earn even more money. The amount of money you earn depends on the country you’re in and how much the apps and SIM cards are used. To find out how much you can earn, you can contact us from the control panel and we’ll give you a personalized quote based on your specific country.